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  • Buffalo Home Sales up 3% in March
    Buffalo Home Sales up 3% in March

    Home sales in Western New York remained strong in March, as deal-making activity and prices both rose solidly, but a shortage of houses for sale continues to plague the market. Closed sales increased 3 percent to 720 from a year earlier, according to new data released by the Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors. That’s a […]

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  • Buffalo will pressure banks on 'zombie' homes

    Buffalo Comptroller Mark J.F. Schroeder says he's prepared to pull city funds from banks that allow properties to linger in the foreclosure process, sometimes devastating neighborhoods when these properties languish and decay. Schroeder said he has …

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  • Buffalo foreclosure auction prices go up, up, up

    More than 2,100 Buffalo properties will be auctioned off this week, after their owners failed to pay city taxes, water bills or user fees. But you won't see Lamb with a bidder's paddle at the annual three-day auction, which starts Tuesday in the …

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  • Erie County Foreclosure Auction

    Note that there are NO city of Buffalo properties on the list…The County has a policy of not foreclosing on city properties…some county taxes go back 7 years or more…as long as they pay the city taxes…no one bothers them…they just continue to …

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  • Nicholas Malagisi – 1993

    High School (College) Activities: College life interrupted by two-year term in the U.S. Army including overseas service in Republic of South Vietnam. First Job in Real Estate or Allied Field: My first job upon graduation from Syracuse University was …

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  • Buffalo's tallest building sold for $28 million
    Buffalo's tallest building sold for $28 million

    A Supreme Court Justice approved a foreclosure order for the tower earlier this year and appointed Buffalo real estate and assessment attorney Peter Weinmann as the auction's referee. A report in the Buffalo News highlighting Weinmann's assessment of …

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  • One Seneca Tower fetches $28 million at auction
    One Seneca Tower fetches $28 million at auction

    Yet, at the same time, the auction may have provided a brief glimpse of another set of New York based investors who may soon be acquiring Buffalo real estate — perhaps, even the tower. Many anticipated that the auction would attract a lot of onlookers …

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